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Play chess online here, increase your skills, have fun.
pc How to use the analysis tool
Analyze chess matches with a simple and powerful tool, follow suggested lines and learn from your mistakes.
Analysis and automatic responses, are generated by the engine. Learn more about how to tweak the values
pc Very simple interface, no need for registration. App developed with free software. Tested on: Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, FirefoxOS. Start by clicking here. This is a basic web interface, where you don't have to install anything, because it uses javascript, and almost all browsers natively support it.
all browsers
Available for Android 4.4+ on Google Play™ . You can also play from your phone through Google Chrome browser, by adding the mobile chess room to your home screen you will be able to play full screen mode. Read how to do it in this article
You can play directly from Safari in full screen mode by adding our chess room to your home screen, read how to do it by clicking here
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This site is intended to be as simple as possible, so you don't need to create any account to play, it is possible to play as guest ... if you later want it, you can create an account and track your score, it is free.